The Ascent
The Ascent

In all of Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, there is nothing like The Pinnacle at the top of The Ascent at Roebling’s Bridge. Imagine living at the very top of this magnificent work of art by famed architect Daniel Libeskind. You will literally be housed at the very pinnacle of this amazing structure, surrounded by the most spectacular and breathtaking views of Cincinnati, the rolling hills of Northern Kentucky and the Ohio River. Words simply defy its beauty and grandeur – you have to see for yourself.

The Floorplan Includes
  • A Home soaring over 240 ft. above the city
  • Three-story Penthouse with a spectacular 7,400 sq. ft.
  • Commanding Terrace and Balcony spaces
  • Private External Elevator entry
  • Internal Elevator for convenience
Extraordinary Features
  • The Pinnacle is a one-of-a-kind home with extraordinary, unprecedented structure and unparalleled design.
  • Three glass walls, up to 24-feet high, provide soaring views of the Cincinnati skyline, the Ohio River and the pastoral Kentucky countryside.
  • The east wall of glass is suspended in midair, sloping an almost unbelievable two feet and creating a surreal connection with the sky surrounding you.
  • Imagine living and entertaining where you own the sunrise – where the Music Room, Gathering Room, bars, whirlpools, Formal and Informal Dining areas are surpassed only by the views they command.
  • The Master Bedroom features a 55-foot-wide panoramic view of the river and city skyline. This suite is designed for far more than sleeping – with a fireplace, private office, breakfast retreat and balcony all within its confines, you'll be hard-pressed to find a reason to leave. Matching bathroom and dressing suites adorn each side of the room, completing this opulent respite.
  • The Third Floor Sanctuary provides a command post where you can oversee everything or revel in a quiet getaway from it all.

Spectacular Views